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Property developer Irwin Tauber is CEO of Taubco. Taubco is South Florida’s premier developer and manager of commercial real estate. Irwin Tauber states that Taubco owns Miami-Dade shopping centers such as Keystone Plaza, Biscayne Commons, Biscayne Harbor Shops, and Causeway Square.

Irwin Tauber plans to discuss in his blog publications the basics and benefits of real estate development. He also plans to discuss the risks and rewards of a career in this field. There are primary differences between commercial snd residential real estate that Irwin Tauber intends to discuss in his publications.

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February 5, 2021

Irwin Tauber, CEO of Taubco, Points Out Four Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2021

Irwin Tauber, President and CEO of Taubco pinpoints trends commercial developers will face in 2021. In the wake of the global pandemic, commercial real estate developers face staunch challenges when it comes to ensuring safety in buildings with hundreds of residents, employees, guests, or customers, according to South Florida developer Irwin Tauber. Here are four […]

February 1, 2021

Taubco CEO Irwin Tauber Takes a Closer Look at the Risks and Rewards of a Career in Real Estate Development

Commercial real estate offers great risks and rewards. Here are some tips from Irwin Tauber, President & CEO of Taubco in South Florida. Commercial real estate offers rewards and risks. According to developer and investor Irwin Tauber, investors who seize opportunities while managing risk often do very well. Below, we give you a quick rundown […]

January 27, 2021

Irwin Tauber Examines the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development

As the president and CEO of Taubco, Southern Florida’s leading real estate development and management company, Irwin Tauber has seen every extreme in residential and commercial real estate. He has earned a glowing reputation for his ability to negotiate, plan strategies, and manage deals involving a wide range of different types of properties. Irwin Tauber […]

January 25, 2021

Developing Success: Taubco CEO Irwin Tauber Offers Tips/Basics on Building a Successful Career in Real Estate Development

Irwin Tauber, President and CEO of Taubco offers tips for those who want a career in real estate development. Becoming a real estate developer can bring excitement and challenges. Armed with pointers from a proven expert, such as Irwin Tauber, you can avoid the pitfalls and get tips on succeeding. In real estate development, you […]

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